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Keep your tax money where it belongs!

Don’t let Springfield try to solve its budget problem by hurting daily life in your community.

Your neighbors, senior citizens, families and local officials in cities and villages across Illinois are fighting efforts that would take your local tax dollars to solve the state’s budget issues.

How can YOU help? Voice your support and help safeguard your tax dollars. Send a letter to your state legislators and the Governor today. In 3 easy steps you can make a difference!

Step 1: Review Your Letter

Local services are in jeopardy. $1.5 billion in revenue that Illinois municipalities rely upon to provide essential services such as police and fire protection, snow plowing, garbage pickup, road repairs and programs for seniors and children.

Service cuts and tax hikes. The proposed 50% cut in this funding will result in losses of millions of dollars for many municipalities, causing a drastic reduction in operating revenue. Municipal officials are committed to fighting against higher property taxes, painful cuts in front-line services, police and fire layoffs and delays to needed infrastructure repairs in your town.

Hold Springfield accountable. Municipalities have been fiscally responsible throughout the recession—cutting services, reducing personnel and dramatically decreasing spending to balance their budgets every year and doing more with less. Now it’s time Springfield does the same.

We need your help. Don’t let Springfield shift the tax burden onto you!

Step 2: Complete the Form

I am interested in helping more. Please contact me.

Step 3: Submit My Letter